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Iraq War Ends; Instability, Crime, Questions of Occupation Remain

War's Toll

During the war in Iraq, 159 Coalition soldiers lost their lives, including 128 American troops and 31 British troops. For information about those who died, click here.

Abu Dhabi TV, quoting official Iraqi sources, reported that 1,252 civilians were killed and 5,103 wounded.


The following figures are based on the 159 Coalition fatalities reported as of Tuesday, April 22, 2003:

Average age: 26.7
Number too young to buy beer: At least 27, including 13 teenagers
Number who died in friendly fire & non-combat accidents: 46 (41%)
Number of Black troops: At least 24
Number of Hispanic troops: At least 22
Number of female troops: 1--Lori Piestewa
Number of troops named Eric/Erik: 5

US soldiers wounded: At least 495
Missing in Action: 2

What You Can Do

Luminaria: Put a candle, lantern, lamp, or other light in your window or on your porch nightly to show your opposition to this war and your sorrow for those who die, are injured or disabled.

Communicate: By email, letters & faxes to all officials re: humanitarian aid to the Iraqis, pressure to use minimum necessary force, budget for the war, repeal of the President's military powers, the Patriot Act, hearings and debate re: the legal and ethical problems with the pre-emptive war.

Participate: Check the Events page for upcoming actions, protests and vigils. Through bumper stickers, yard signs and buttons, let your stance against this war be known. Add your voice to the anti-war chorus by joining in marches, demonstrations and peace prayers.

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